Gather Series Prints - In Season

Katherine Corden

Gather Series Prints - In Season

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Print versions of our Gather series are now available! Each one is printed on high quality archival paper ready to be framed in whatever way you would like. 

More info about the image and Katherine's Painting style:

"In Season" was inspired from a dinner held on the shore of Lake Michigan at Esch Road Beach. The original images were in Traverse Magazine's June 2017 issue that Megan created and wrote the story and Mike shot the dinner. The dinner was eaten on a makeshift table after being cooked over the fire. Everything was local. Everything was fresh and that dinner was the beginning of Megan dreaming up the idea of the Fresh Exchange Shop. 

Katherine’s balance of realism and abstraction gives life and familiarity to these candid interactions, telling a beautiful story about seasonal living on the Great Lakes.  Their names are intended to sound like a conversation you’ve had with your friends and family while planning a meal or passing a dish. Like the scenes they depict, they are welcoming and casual – the perfect complement to the life and love in your home.


Dimensions of print: 9x14 prints on Somerset Velvet paper

******Note --- Prints are sold without frame******