Leelanau Winter Landscape #9

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Leelanau Winter Landscape #9

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A collection of landscapes made by Megan Gilger of recycled paper made in Michigan and handmade paper made by Paperwork Studios in Traverse City, Michigan.

These winter landscapes are intended to capture the layers and feelings of this very special season. The layers of paper and slight shifts in colors resemble the layers of woods, water, and hills and how they connect with one another. Each one a scene from this beautiful peninsula we call home. 

Each piece is original and signed by Megan Gilger.

Details to know:

Size: 5" x 6.5" roughly

Handmade paper can shift in tone in sun so know that they may eventually show age if not placed behind protective glass.

Best shown in frames with a large matte around them.

Keep away from moisture as the handmade paper will absorb any liquid very easily.