Beginner Gardener E-Book

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Beginner Gardener E-Book

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Growing a garden is something I feel everyone can do! No matter where you live or the size yard you have even if it is an apartment, you can grow your own food. In this simple 28-page E-book, I put together all of my knowledge I use to grow my garden every year. The goal is to give you the confidence to begin your first garden. In the book, you will find a whole plan for how to design your own garden, tricks I use to keep away pests, and knowledge I have learned from years of gardening. I promise at the end of this you will feel ready and excited to begin your own garden this year and feed yourself and your family from it! 

The guide includes the following:

  • Info on why building a garden is essential
  • What to do before getting started
  • How to Design Your Garden
  • A Raised Bed Garden Plan for the Beginner
  • What You Need for Your Raised Bed Garden
  • How to Start Seeds
  • Seed Starting Chart
  • Whether to grow in Raised Beds or In-Ground
  • What Tools You Need
  • When to Begin and How to do It
  • Routines and Maintenance
  • Tricks for Weeds and Pests
  • How to Avoid Common Mistakes
  • How to Succession Plant
  • Tips for Harvesting and End of Season
  • The Best Resources 

When you purchase the ebook you will receive a confirmation email with a download button for the file. It can be printed or used on an iPad or saved to your phone.