Indigo Dyed Hemp Blanket #5
Indigo Dyed Hemp Blanket #5

Fresh Exchange

Indigo Dyed Hemp Blanket #5

All our days on the beach this summer lead us to hunt for the perfect beach and picnic blanket. As a result, we created our first-ever series of blankets. These items were stitched by us at Fresh Exchange and dyed individually with 100% plant-based dyes and natural Indigo. Each one is completely unique and the tags are hand-stitched with our signature orange thread. 

These are wonderful for picnics and beach days but also can be easily used as throws for the summer days. They also can be laid on beds for a lightweight blanket. 

These blankets are as environmentally friendly as we could achieve using Hemp which is incredibly sustainable, does not need pesticides, and is drought resistant. Hemp is our top choice for fiber, but to make these affordable we chose to also use Organic Cotton with them. Though organic cotton isn't ideal it is still a cleaner fiber than most. 

These blankets will leave no harmful trace when you one day depart with them, but we hope they will see so much love and wear over the years and when they get a hole because of that love you will repurpose the fabric and/or repair holes yourself. Making it a beautiful and timeless piece of your life and story for years to come. 


Product Details: 50% Hemp and 50% Organic Cotton Heavy Linen sourced globally and woven in India with Fair Trade practices

Dimensions: 100x52" approxiamtely

Product Care: Wash on cold cycle and dry on low. Over time the item will show wear and fade but this is natural and part of the process of what makes it really special.

***Take caution that even though these have been washed dozens of times to release as much indigo as possible it is still possible it will seep on to wet beach bottoms. ***